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Friday, June 19, 2009

Downloadable Charts for Teaching through The Race Set Before Us

Since publication of The Race Set Before Us I have received requests for teaching aids that might assist teachers who would like to use the book for a course such as an adult Bible class. Occasionally I have electronically sent the following charts to individuals who desired to use them when teaching through the book. Some time ago it dawned on me that I could make them available to others via this blog.

The following charts are from Chapter 1 of The Race Set Before Us. If you are teaching or planning to teach a study using the book, you may download the charts, colored of course, and insert them into a PowerPoint presentation. I developed the charts before publishing the book for teaching purposes. I removed color when we inserted them into the book. The charts below show in the order they appear in the book

To download each chart:
  1. Click on a thumbnail picture;
  2. Right-click the mouse;
  3. Go to "Save picture as";
  4. Download the picture to your desired folder;
  5. Repeat for each picture.

If you find these helpful, please let me know.

1 comment:

bjr2000 said...

These charts contain profound truth about the way of salvation which all Christians need to consider and heed. Since critical thinking skills are so rare among Christians, as well as pastors and elders, these charts could give many a window to understanding. I think, however that a skilled graphical artist could enhance them.