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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Steve Camp on Smoking

Steve Camp writes, Smokin' In The Boys it a sin, a bad habit, or has the church just been plain legalistic?

There is much with which to agree. However, I find no interaction with Romans 6:11-23 concerning enslavement. In other words, use of tobacco surely is not a sin in itself. Yet, as with anything, such as alcohol, does not enslavement to tobacco or to anything else entail sin?

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Any thoughts?

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Rick said...

I think the real question to ask is (if I were a smoker; and I occasionally do enjoy a cigar :)): why am I smoking? What are the intentions and motivations of my heart? Am I looking for acceptance? Am I defying my parents desires? Am I trying to look 'cool'? Am I anxious or worrying about something? Am I subtlely trying to hurt myself? Or do I just enjoy an occasional cigar?
It seems like our Lord is much more concerned about our hearts. By the way, this includes our reactions to those who do choose to smoke. David Powlison and Paul Tripp (CCEF) have been so helpful in this area. Rick