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Monday, January 28, 2008

Rick Love responds to John Piper

Last week after I learned that John Piper and Al Mohler commented upon the response to "A Common Word between Us and You'" that included many evangelical signatories, I posted Finally, Evangelical leaders speak out.

Today, Rick Love Responds to Piper's Thoughts on "A Common Word" on the Desiring God blog. Rick Love explains "Why I Signed the Yale Response to 'A Common Word'" Read it. Evaluate it for yourself. Is Rick Love convincing? Has he acquitted himself for endorsing the Yale document?

In his response to John Piper, Rick Love explains,

After listening to your response, I realize that I too might have been disappointed by the Yale response if I had only read the two documents. However, I have just begun as a Post Doctoral Fellow at Yale (as a part of my sabbatical). In the providence of God, I have been led to work in the Yale Reconciliation Program to help facilitate their response to the Common Word.

Is this helpful? Does this acquit Rick Love for signing the document? Review my comments on the Common Word response document in "An Urgent Need for Steadfast Perseverance" but also my comments on the Yale "Reconciliation Program" in "Be Reconciled to God." How does his involvement in the "Reconciliation Program" help alleviate his admission above? Or, does it worsen his case? It seems to me that Rick Love, more than most other signatories, has even more reason to refuse to endorse the letter.


youngman said...

does rick love need to be "acquitted" at all?
strong word indeed for one who has reached out to muslims.

A. B. Caneday said...


Yes, because Rick Love is in the wrong. The fact that he reaches out to Muslims is irrelevant. He has endorsed and persists in defending a seriously wrong document.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.