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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reviews of The Race Set Before Us

In a recent dialogue with Rick in the comments feature I promised to post some of the reviews of The Race Set Before Us. Here is a list of several. For those that can be accessed via the internet I have provided links.

Review by Armstrong, John H. Reformation & Revival Journal, 10 no 3 Sum 2001, p 216-219.

by Cribb, Bryan, Baptist Press.

by McFadden, Kevin. KWMC (blog). Kevin McFadden says that the authors of TRSBU are amillennialists. I do not understand how TRSBU manifests this. It is a rather curious claim in that I teach at an institution that requires me to sign a doctrinal statement annually that is not amillennial.

Review by Morrison, Gregg S. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 45 no 4 D 2002, p 673.

Review by Pennington, Jonathan T. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, 21 no 1 Spr 2003, p 72-75.

Review by Richardson, Neil. Expository Times, 113 no 6 Mr 2002, p 209.

Review by Wilkin, Robert N. Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society 15 no 28 2002 pp. 2-24. See my earlier brief comment on Wilkins's review.

Review by Yinger, Kent. Evangelical Quarterly, 76 no 4 O 2004, p 367-369.

Review by Zuck, Roy B. Bibliotheca Sacra, 160 no 638 Ap-Je 2003, p 241-243. See my earlier brief comment on Zuck's review.

Interaction with TRSBU by Keathley, Ken. "Does Anyone Really Know if They are Saved? A Survey of the Current Views on Assurance with a Modest Proposal." Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society 15 no 28 2002 pp. 37-59. See my earlier brief comment on Keathley's interaction with TRSBU.

Free Justification: A Hill to Die On by Steve Fernandez. I have previously commented on this booklet, which was originally intended to be the first chapter of a book. Fernandez not only fails to understand The Race Set Before Us, he resorts to deceptive quoting that makes it appear that we argue for ideas that we actually repudiate. I may re-post my response to Fernandez.

I am not sure whether I should post it again because it strikes me as so unseemly to have to expose the serious failings of a pastor to be accurate, truthful, and judicious in his handling of The Race Set Before Us. It feels unseemly and cheap, not simply to defend our ideas, but to expose a completely fallacious assault by a man who read the book with jaundiced eyes and heart. Pointing out the faults of another, even if that one has published his own wrong and defective indictment of our beliefs, seems unsavory and offensive. I have a fairly deep sense of what Paul experienced and the turmoil he underwent as he expresses it in 2 Corinthians 11. It is akin to the twin proverbs:
Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
or you will be like him yourself.
Answer a fool according to his folly,
or he will be wise in his own eyes (Proverbs 26:5-6).


Rick Penney said...

wow thanks. that's alot. It'll take me awhile, but i'll try to give some of these a look.

kevin mcfadden said...

My review was written quite some time ago, and I would disagree with that statement now. I have removed it, so the link is dead.


Report said...


I found your TRSBU website since entering the Fernandez vs. TRSBU debate :)

Could you re-post that criticism of Fernandez' chapter since it seems so blatantly incorrect? I have finished reading the new book by Fernandez and it seems to be a passionate and reasonable plea to argue for a single and free justification.

A. B. Caneday said...


I did re-post the first portion of my response to Steve Fernandez, here.

Besides all of his abuses of citing our book, the principal problem with Fernandez's interaction with us is that he falsely attributes a "double justification" to Tom and to me. We make it plainly evident, within those portions of the book that he leaped over with his several elliptical quotations, that justification is singular with two phases or aspects--"already" and "not yet." He may not like what we have published, but if he really believes that we have wrongly read Scripture, then he ought to convince us from Scripture. His problem is, however, that he does not accurately or truthfully represent what we say. Therefore, he is arguing against a strawman, which he very easily torched. The flames, however, did not touch either Tom or me.

When I can take time to do so, I will re-post the remainder of my previously posted but shortly after removed response to Steve Fernandez's interaction with The Race Set Before Us.