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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Old Testament is Parabolic

If interested, you may read several comments that I have contributed to a discussion of "Isaac a Type of Christ?" The discussion concerns the New Testament's uses of the Old Testament. As I have reasoned on numerous occasions and in many places, the Old Testament is parabolic.

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Nick Norelli said...


I completely agree with your comments in the thread on Justin Taylor's blog. You might be interested in reading this post and the comments that followed. That sparked me to start a series on the Akedah. If you find yourself with some free time you might like to give it a look. So far I have these posts:

A Willing Participant: Interpreting the Akedah

The Akedah: Prophetic Reflections

Tertullian’s Reading of the Akedah: Woodenly Literal? (Part I)

Tertullian’s Reading of the Akedah: Woodenly Literal? (Part II)