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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Steve Fernandez Finally Published His Book

 Today, I happened upon a comment on Justin Taylor's blog, Between Two Worlds, that indicates that Steve Fernandez finally published Free Justification: The Glorification of Christ in the Justification of a Sinner of which he had published the planned initial chapter titled, Free Justification: A Hill to Die On, on the internet.

The reason I mention this book is that I had written and published a response to his first chapter in which he criticizes The Race Set Before Us.

Shortly after I published my response to Steve Fernandez's unwarranted, wrong, and sloppy crtique of Tom Schreiner's and my work in The Race Set Before Us, I removed it, as I explain here. Both Tom and I made several attempts to contact Steve Fernandez to discuss his twisted critique of what we wrote in the book. We even appealed to him through mutual acquaintences/friends, all to no avail.

Steve Fernandez's
interaction with our beliefs was so flawed, so wrong, and so misrepresenting that I felt as if to answer him would be to engage in an unsavory and offensive exercise. Now, if Steve Fernandez has actually published Free Justification: A Hill to Die On not just on the internet but as the first chapter of his book, as he initially indicated he would, and especially after failing to receive our efforts to contact him to offer corrections, this would be very troubling.

To my comment above, I might add one of my favorite quotes from
Thomas Sowell. Although I am ready to defend what I have said, many people expect me to defend what others have attributed to me.

I cannot and will not defend the view that Steve Fernandez attribues to me and then critiques, since it is not my belief. I also know that it is not Tom Schreiner's belief.
Nevertheless, now that I have ordered his book, it may be that I will need to post my response to his false claims about The Race Set Before Us, if he persists in misrepresenting what Tom and I say and mean.

Steve Fernandez is President of The Cornerstone Seminary, Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church, Vallejo, California, and host pastor of the Exalting Christ Conference sponsored by Exalting Christ Ministries.

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