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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Sermons on John 5

Here are two sermons on almost the same passage.

One is on John 5:25-29, by John Piper, "The Life-Giving Voice of the Son of God."

One is on John 5:24-29, by Pastor Steve Felker, "The Coming Resurrection of All Men." I downloaded this sermon in 1999. It is no longer available on-line, so I converted it to a PDF and uploaded it for your reading. For your convenience I have embedded Pastor Felker's sermon below. Because the sermon is no longer available on the Swift Creek Baptist Church web site, I have placed linking, printing, and downloading restrictions on the document.

Do you notice how the inclusion of one additional verse renders the two sermons quite different, even though the two sermons are on almost the same passage?

The Coming Resurrection of All Men, Pastor Steve Felker

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