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Thomas R. Schreiner
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Race Set Before Us Now into Its 7th Printing

Today, I received word from InterVarsity Press that The Race Set Before Us is now into its seventh printing. With this new printing, InterVarsity has altered the cover slightly, giving the book a fresh look. The face print is crisper and the background is whiter. See the difference.


Pilgrim said...

Interesting. Does the new art reflect a theological understanding?

I always thought of our "Race" as a marathon, point A to point B.

The new art makes me think: I hope I'm not just running around in circles.


Congrats on the 7th lap.

A. B. Caneday said...

Great observation, Joe,

I prefer to think of the new art as portraying the "home stretch," as it were, since the Olympic marathon traditionally ends with a "home stretch" lap on a track within a stadium. So, perhaps the new art should be interpreted as encouraging us in as much as the runner is nearing the end of the marathon.