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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!" (Rom. 10:15)

Dear Friends &  Readers,

If the Lord wills, I shall be ministering the gospel in Bangalore, India, in early to mid-August. P. J. Mathai, President of Maranatha Baptist Bible College & Seminary, has invited me to speak at the pastors’ conference to be held August 15-18 at the college and seminary. As I have done in the past (in 2002, 2004, & 2007), I will be ministering with Rev. John Hoeldtke of FLAME MINISTRIES of Everett, Washington. John has made numerous ministry trips to India as well as to several other countries. In 2002 and 2007 we ministered together at Maranatha Baptist Bible College & Seminary from where we traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, where we ministered to village pastors for a week at another pastors’ conference.

I will be speaking six times during the three day conference. My messages will be shaped thematically on the chapters contained in The Race Set Before Us: A Biblical Theology of Perseverance & Assurance, a book I co-authored with Tom Schreiner. During my sabbatical I have been writing a shortened version of the book with eight corresponding chapters. The working title of the book is Let Us Run With Perseverance: A Training Manual for Endurance unto Eternal Life. So, my six messages will derive from my writing during my sabbatical throughout the past academic year.

Costs for this mission trip are considerable. My travel expenses, including airline tickets, will be at least $2500, which does not include various expenses while in India. In late July others will be traveling with John Hoeldtke to India ahead of me. They will be ministering in other cities and villages prior to arriving in Bangalore where I will join them. The policy of FLAME MINISTRIES is to cover costs of all meetings and conferences in India so as not to be a burden on the indigenous churches and Christian leaders. In fact, FLAME MINISTRIES covers all the costs entailed in hosting conferences, thus alleviating the burden that our Indian hosts would otherwise bear. Total costs for FLAME MINISTRIES to carry out this mission to India in July and August will exceed $17,000.

If you believe the Lord would have you help with the costs of this mission trip, either for my part or for the larger mission or both, please send your contribution to:
PO Box 3333
Everett, WA 98213
Funds are needed by July 18. If you would like to assist with my personal expenses, please make your check payable to FLAME MINISTRIES and indicate on an accompanying slip of paper that it is for “A. B. Caneday Mission Trip.” FLAME MINISTRIES is an approved non-profit corporation. So, a receipt for your tax-deductible gift will be sent to you. For members of Bethlehem Baptist Church, you may make contributions to help allay my expenses by making a contribution through BBC. If you desire to make a contribution through BBC, please send me a note at I will send you a form that will direct you how to submit your gift.

All of us who will travel to India to minister will greatly appreciate both your contributions that will assist us on our way and your prayers for our health, our safety, and our spiritual effectiveness throughout this mission endeavor.

Thank you for considering this invitation to participate in my ministry in India with your monetary gifts and your prayers.

Blessings in Christ!

Ardel B. Caneday

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