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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Master's of Arts in Theological Studies at Northwestern College

I am pleased to announce that the Department of Biblical & Theological Studies at Northwestern College will inaugurate the Master of Arts in Theological Studies this autumn, 2006. In late July, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program at Northwestern College, Saint Paul, Minnesota, received final approval from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. Are you interested in taking up advanced study in Scripture? Check it out.

The Master's of Arts In Theological Studies (MATS) degree will offer four different areas of concentration: Biblical Studies, Bible Exposition, Theology, and Apologetics. We will use the modular format in which students attend class one night a week working through one course (module) at a time. Within two years, students will receive their MATS degree. This degree will prepare students for ministry, whether lay or professional, or for additional graduate studies.

MATS students will most likely be in one of a few scenarios. They could already be in professional ministry but seeking educational advancement, they may feel called to lay leadership within the church or they would like to gain a Christian worldview on their profession. Some may take the course as an avenue for personal growth.

Dr. Randy Nelson
Director of Graduate Studies
Northwestern College & Radio

This one degree will offer four different areas of concentration:
- Biblical Studies
- Bible Exposition
- Theology
- Apologetics

Come to an information session to learn more about the Center for Graduate Studies degree programs, the application process, financial aid, and the opportunity to chat with Geoff Grudzinski, the CGS Admissions Counselor.


Nick Nowalk said...

Dr. Caneday, with the recent announcement that J. Piper will be writing against N.T. Wright's view on justification, perhaps your thoughts on the already/not yet aspects of justification could be very, very timely! Can't wait.

abcaneday said...


Thanks for reminding me of your question. You anticipated my intentions. I do plan to comment upon the issue. I need, however, to finish an essay, too.

I will post an entry on the issue. Until I can offer a fuller comment, check here for a few comments on how representatives from both sides engage in less than helpful formulations.