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Friday, July 20, 2007

"How to" Baptize Video

Since I posted a video that reduces Holy Communion to a sacrilege by clowns who clown around, why not post a video link to an Assembly of God Church pastor who clowns around with baptism? Here is the video. The video comes to you by courtesy of Orchard Valley Community Church of Aurora, Illinois.

Your thoughts?

Read some comments on the video here.


bob hyatt said...

Now, why in the world would you assume that that pastor/church has any connection whatsoever to the Emerging Church??? This is an Assemblies of God church that has embraced the furthest edges of the seeker sensitive/relevant/big show attractional model- which is worlds away from the emerging church.

I, as an emerging church pastor, may have some significant differences with them over methodology, but I won't fault them for this: they baptized over a hundred people last month- that's a hundred more folks committed to following Jesus.

Augustinian Successor said...

But the Great Commission says nothing about seeker-sensitive model, and other "syncrestic" innovations and limits the mandate of the Church to teaching and by extension practicing what has been committed and passed on to the apostles and their disciples by Our Lord (apostolic succession).

abcaneday said...

Bob Hyatt,

Actually, I simply reported.

It's the kind of stuff that is like emergent stuff in our area. ;)